No Spamhaus DNSBL Support

We have regretfully removed support for Spamhaus from our mail service DNSBL filter. Our paid account structure model unfortunately doesn’t correlate with how DNSBLs like Spamhaus (and SURBL and URIBL) charge for their data: they assume user counts, but at Rollernet we don’t count domains, mailboxes, valid users, features, etc. This is somewhat unique. Most similar providers charge for these items individually or have package limits. In our case our uniqueness of not tracking per-user stuff (which means we aren’t charging for things like total number of mailboxes) and allowing full customization to DNSBL settings (where customers can exclude DNSBLs entirely) is incompatible with other subscription services that assume this cost has been accounted for.

To bring services like these back in the future we may consider adding a special subscription option to allow use of these DNSBLs so that we can track their costs and only apply them to that accounts that are using them. This will allow us to match their pricing models without raising our prices across the board or switching to a per-user model ourselves. If it pans out we’ll post an update. But for now, the removal of support is final.