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Secondary DNS Updates

We’ve revamped the Secondary DNS section in the account control center and also added TSIG support for authenticating zone transfers.

According to our changelog this is the first time since 2008 that we’ve made a change to the Secondary DNS backend (how’s that for code stability), so while we’ve tested the TSIG changes to the best of our ability hopefully it doesn’t introduce some weird bug after all this time that breaks our streak.

4 replies on “Secondary DNS Updates”

This is great news. Good to hear that Roller Network keeps getting more security features. In fact, this is likely to push me from “free” service to paying for a subscription. It looks as if the comparison chart hasn’t been updated with this new information though. I don’t need most of the other advanced features that Roller Network offers. Does that mean, I can just upgrade to “personal” and benefit from TSIG signatures for secondary DNS service? Or do I need to subscribe to a higher tier?

Why does bind/dns security need to depend on money and a subscription ?? Don’t you think that dns security should be a given because of the issues with dns poisoning ? “You can only have dns security if you pay for it” — I think that’s a bad position to stand on.

As things are now we don’t see a reason to spend development time on new features for free accounts. We’ve had a feature freeze on free accounts in effect since Dec 26, 2005.

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