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Office Voice (Phone) Provider Change Maintenance Notice

Within the next several weeks we’re going to be changing voice service (phone) providers at our office. When it comes time to initiate the number port and reconfigure stuff there will be a short period of time where calls will not complete or could be dropped. Additional information will be posted as updates to this post and on our Twitter account as it becomes available.

The reason for this change is mainly for cost savings; our current provider is raising their prices and we don’t really use the phone enough to justify the increase. However, we still prefer a separate circuit instead of internet-based VOIP because of the nature of our business: if there is an internet related problem on our side that’s the time we are most likely to need the phones. Since we want to keep voice and internet out of the same basket as much as possible we continue to utilize separate voice circuits from a provider that we aren’t also using for transit multihoming.

UPDATE 1: New circuit has been delivered to the MMR. (11/17/2015)

UPDATE 2: Currently scheduled date for the cutover is the afternoon of Monday, November 30th.

UPDATE 3: The migration has been successfully completed.

Note that our alternate number has changed to 775-221-8807 (the old one could not be ported).