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Mail: New IP Reputation Filter

Today we’ve implementedĀ a new IP reputation filter in the pre-content stage of mail filtering. This is similar to DNSBL but uses the Cloudmark Authority engine to check if the IP has a reputation as a spam source or not. The default will be enabled for new domains.

For existing domains because it most closely resembles a DNSBL its initial state will follow the DNSBL setting. If DNSBL was enabled the IP reputation filter will be enabled. If DNSBL was disabled theĀ IP reputation filter will be disabled.

We’ve deviated from normal and implemented this ahead of adding a new section to the account control center because of spam complaints we’ve seen lately. It is, however, all-filters whitelist aware and we can turn it off manually for a domain if the results are undesirable for a specific purpose.

Contact support if you have any questions.