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Control Center Updates

We’ve made a few minor updates to the account control center in preparation for a major update to the account profile section, which will include a new way of selecting service levels for Mail and DNS accounts that we intend to be less confusing than the current method.

The main login screen has also changed slightly: there’s an additional field for a YubiKey OTP. This two factor authentication method is currently in early testing, so if you have a YubiKey and want to add it to your account, please contact us with your 12 character key ID and account name. Up to two keys are supported at this time. If you don’t have a YubiKey, leave this third field blank and the normal login process with password-only remains unchanged. Once you have a YubiKey associated to your account you must use it to log in.

One reply on “Control Center Updates”

There are a few problems I’m hoping you can address; I’ve asked in the forums, but that doesn’t seem like a terribly active place these days.

* The forums really *needs* to be HTTPS. This is (imho) a significant security problem:
* Can the control center DNS interface please support CAA records?
* Can the control center DNS interface please support TLSA records?
* Can the control center DNS interface please support SSHFP records with FP2 and algorithms 3 and 4?

All of these seem like they would be pretty quick and easy things to do, and they would really improve the rollernet offering. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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