IMAP Shared Folder Support

IMAP shared folder support has been enabled on our Hosted Mail services. This allows sharing one or more folders with per-user permissions with other users within the same mail domain.

Shared folders will appear under a “shared” namespace where you can subscribe to shared folders the user you’re logged in with has permissions for.

Access lists can be set with any mail client that support IMAP ACL. If your mail client doesn’t support editing IMAP ACL flags our webmail client does. Log in with Roundcube to set shared folder permissions.

Shared folders are limited to accounts within the same mail domain name, so you can’t share folders across different domains.

This feature is available at no extra cost on all hosted mail domains.

Special Note: Sieve scripts must now use / as the separator (instead of .) for folder paths when using the fileinto action due to back end changes required to enable shared folder namespaces. We have used sed on all exiting Sieve scripts to update existing fileinto actions.