Header Tagging Changes

The following header tagging changes are currently being implemented as part of some cleanup work we’re doing.

X-Rollernet-Blacklist will be renamed to X-Rollernet-DenyList to follow a general replacement of the label “blacklist” with “deny list” and “whitelist” with “allow list”.

The X-Rollernet-DNSBL header will be changed to remove the leading “found” if a client IP address was found on a list. The format will be: [client] (in|not in) <list>

The X-Rollernet-DNSBL header will have the return code included with the list name when a client IP is found to be listed.

Client IP addresses in X-Rollernet-* headers will be enclosed in [] brackets; this was not being done consistently.

The X-Rollernet-Abuse header will be modified to only include mailto and https URIs.

The X-Rollernet-Spf header was depreciated years ago and will be removed. SPF results are available in the Received-SPF and Authentication-Results headers.