Gmail Requirements

If you are having trouble sending email to Gmail, note that you must have SPF or DKIM email authentication set up for your domain.

To authorize our Outbound Mail service as a valid mail source with SPF, you will need to add “” to your SPF record.

If you don’t yet have an SPF record and are using RollerNet for Primary DNS, you can go into the zone for your domain and add a TXT record with the following content:

v=spf1 -all

If you are not using RollerNet for Primary DNS, please refer to your Primary DNS host to create or update an SPF record authorizing “” as a valid mail source.

If you would like to add a DKIM record for your domain, you can generate a DKIM key with our online tool (or whichever DKIM generation tool you prefer). Email us the private key and selector name so we can add it to your account. Please note: You must email us from the primary email address on your account.

For more information see: