Service Level Usage Policy

Roller Network accounts are very different from our competitors: we don’t charge you for domains, mailboxes, users, aliases, etc. All of those settings and configurable items are intangible items in our database. We only track tangible resources: data transfer, data processing, and data storage. This also makes it much easier for you to see how your account is being used.

If you exceed your data transfer or storage allowance nothing will happen. We will continue to process your mail, store it in your hosted mail boxes, or forward it to its ultimate destination. Your mail will not be delayed or lost. Unlike our competitors we do not return “out of space” or “transfer exceeded” errors. We understand that email is a vital communication tool.

What’s “Data Transfer”?

Data transfer is entering or exiting our network. However, we don’t double-dip. For example, if our servers receive a message and send it to your server (Secondary MX, SMTP Redirection) we only count it when it was received and queued – the connection to deliver it to your server is free

You’re allowed to occasionally exceed your data transfer or storage allowance to give you a buffer for busy days. After that, additional usage will be billed at $1 per gigabyte. Our goal is to be fair and flexible.

Hosted mail box access (POP3, IMAP, or webmail) is not counted as part of an account’s data transfer allowance.

What’s “Data Handling”?

Some of our features require extra processing internally (Mail Mirror) or generate extra copies of messages that leave our network (Mail Forwarding). These are added to the data transfer allowance. A complete breakdown of each category is available in our account control center for up to 90 days so you know exactly what’s being counted.

What’s “Data Storage”?

Data storage is persistent storage for your Roller Network account. Hosted mail boxes are counted as part of your data storage allowance. The mail queue for services such as Secondary MX is not counted.

Free Account Usage

Free account usage is not covered under this policy. See ourĀ Free Account Policy pageĀ for details.

Transfer and Storage Calculations

We use 1024MB = 1GB when calculating data transfer and storage.