Service Level Usage Policy

Roller Network Mail/DNS accounts are different from most other options: we don’t charge per-user or per-domain. All accounts support unlimited domains, mailboxes, users, aliases, and more. We only track total data storage across features that require storage.

If you exceed your account’s storage allowance nothing will happen immediately. We will continue to process your mail, store it in your hosted mail boxes, or deliver it to its ultimate destination. Your mail will not be delayed or lost. We do not return “out of space” or “transfer exceeded” reject errors. We understand that email is a vital communication tool.

We do, however, eventually require payment for additional data storage OR you must delete things from storage to return under the allowed storage limit before an account is suspended for non-payment. This gives you time to assess the situation before deciding if you really need more storage or there’s things you no longer need to store that can be deleted.

The default setting on all accounts is to continue processing and charge for additional storage, however, you can configure your account profile to defer or reject messages that would cause a storage overage if you choose to do so. Customers are given this as an option to prevent additional charges.

What’s “Data Storage”?

Data storage is persistent storage for your Roller Network account. Hosted mail boxes are counted as part of your data storage allowance.

Free Account Usage

Free account usage is not covered under this policy. See our Free Account Policy for details.

Storage Calculations

We use 1024MB = 1GB when calculating storage.