New Facility Progress #5

We’d been off to a great start, but unfortunately a few bad things have happened. A battery cabinet for the new UPS system showed up damaged and our Verizon circuit still hasn’t been re-provisioned correctly.

Without a functional circuit with Verizon we can’t use it to perform an uninterrupted migration of our equipment from the old location to our new. Although we could do a hot-cut of our existing circuits and move equipment as quickly as possible, this would cause a noticeable service interruption.

The first part of the UPS system – a battery cabinet – showed up on the 15th damaged in transit. It appears that force was somehow imparted on the cabinet during transit to twist and distort it enough to firmly wedge the battery trays inside, pop several screws, and strip several others. Although it is electrically functional, it would be impossible to service the batteries in the future, and unfortunately we have to return it for replacement.

UPDATE: We now have tracking information for the rest of the delivery; it will be here Friday, September 18.

UPDATE 2: The UPS (the rectifier/inverter portion) arrived undamaged.