New Facility Progress #4

Although we are still missing the UPS (now due to arrive on Sept. 16), we did receive the paralleling tie cabinet and started installing the wiring troughs in the server room that will carry the overhead electrical in the server room. They will eventually be installed overhead, but they’re pictured here laid out on the floor to ensure all the bits and pieces that make them up are accounted for and assigned a position in the installation. The paralleling cabinet will feed a distribution panel and provides an isolated bypass point for the UPS cluster via the large 350A breaker. We’ve also included an updated picture of the telco room.

P9110075 P9110078


Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we will be able to meet our October 1 target, although we will have as much completed as there is to work with. At Roller Network, we pride ourselves on quality of work and we will not take shortcuts in order to open early.

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