Verizon Delay

We were able to confirm that the portion of our order that was dropped was the IPv6 service we had originally confirmed back in May. Apparently that part of the order (along with IPv4 BGP) didn’t make it all the way through to implementation and we were set up as statically routed IPv4 only. Obviously this is completely useless to us, so we forwarded the copies of the confirmation from May.

UPDATE: Take #2 on provisioning will take place on September 4 at 0:800 Pacific.

UPDATE 2: No go. Someone didn’t process the change request.

UPDATE 3: The good news is that we’re getting dual-stack IPv4/IPv6. The bad news is that’s why it’s taking so long; they need to move our endpoint from Sacramento, CA to Phoenix, AZ. (This was our original order; dual stack IPv4/IPv6 both with BGP.)

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