Colocation Services Pricing

We finally have a page up on the main website for colocation pricing:

Following in the footsteps of doing something unique to stand out from the pack, rack space is free and we only charge for bandwidth and power. If you have an 80PLUS certified power supply in the server you want to colocate, there is a discounted rate for being energy efficient.

If you’re looking towards the future of internet access, our colocation services have been dual-stack IPv6 enabled since 2005. We also use 208V circuits standard – including three phase – enough power to load a full rack. For our international audience this isn’t much of a surprise, but here in the USA a 120V single phase outlet is the status quo. A typical 20A 120V from other providers only gives you 1920VA. At 208V, we give you 3328VA to use, and that’s just the minimum.

We’re proud of our services and we apply the same standards to colocation that we have with our email services. If you have any questions or would like more details, contact us.

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