The End of the Verizon Story

If you’ve been following our Verizon story, you know by now that we’ve been trying to get them to turn up a dual-stack circuit for over a year now. Last year on June 7, 2009, we signed an agreement for Verizon to deliver fiber to our premises. This allows us to offer our customers a facility with diverse fiber entrances and diverse physical carriers. Our colocation customers can also order circuits directly to our muxes (AT&T or VZB) if they choose. Although the equipment was installed a few months later, it’s been stuck in some sort of engineering delay for an abnormally long time. As we can’t wait forever, we have to file it away as a lost cause at this point.

But all is not lost in the end. The Verizon fiber facilities are still installed, fully functional, (we left the order open in the hope that one day it would be delivered) and Global Crossing is able to utilize it for their local loop to us. It’s been a long and ugly ride, from denial, through anger, and finally acceptance of the situation. It’s caused us delays beyond our control and cost far too much money from being forced on standby since the move in October 2009. But we’re still here and we look forward to the future.

We will be announcing some promotions and referral programs in the near future so stay tuned!