New Invoice Options

We’ve updated our invoice system so that it will now generate invoices as attachments: either as plain text (the default) or as a fancy PDF attachment complete with logo. We’re going to be making other updates to the email templates the system sends out over the next week or two as well. Unfortunately for our international customers the PDF option is not fully UTF-8 compatible due to difficulties with XeTeX and the wide range of possible fonts (such as those for Chinese). The plain text attachment option is fully UTF-8 clean.

There is also a new option to request an invoice copy to be sent by mail. However, using this option will add a mandatory $1.50 fee for postage and handling. Unless you absolutely require us to send a paper copy, we recommend printing the PDF version since it is the same thing we’d mail. In the future we will be adding a digital signature option for the attachments.

New invoice options.

These options can be found on the Account Preferences page of the ACC at:

The new routines were thoroughly tested outside of the main billing application, so hopefully there won’t be any embarrassing bugs during the next billing run. In the event of a billing error, please notify us and we’ll correct them. Thanks!