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Spam Issue Update

Last week we reported on a potential spam issue. Several customers sent us additional information in response to this post, and we have come to the conclusion that there was not any form of security breach with our account control center based on the following:

  • None of the accounts we maintain received a copy of the spam. If the email addresses had come directly from us then these accounts would have been included, but they were not.
  • One customer received a copy of the spam to an old email address that hasn’t been in our database for over two years; it could not have been obtained from us since we don’t keep a history of email changes.
  • All of the addresses that received a copy of the spam were sent to our merchant account. We immediately notified them and altered our system to send a generic email address under our domain instead of the customer’s email.
  • There is no indication in the logs or netflow records of access from outside of our network to the systems that have access to this data. Furthermore, the master database server is not internet accessible, and the admin interface to look up an account first requires an individual account name or a domain.

For those that may be concerned about their financial information, we have no reason to believe this was anything more than some kind of email scrape at the processor side. The processor does not store credit card numbers.

Again, we apologize for this issue. Security and privacy with our services are extremely important to us. We do, in fact, use our own services (take a look at the MX records for our domain) right along with our customers, including managing our domains with the same account control center.