Mid-July Update

It’s been pretty quiet on here lately, but we’re still here. There’s two major things going on right now:

First off, we’re working on some cosmetic changes for the account control center (nicer looking notify/warning/error message displays) and a mass-update function for Primary DNS that will allow you to change matching records in selected zones. This function would be handy for making changes such as updating an IP address or NS record everywhere it appears. The Primary DNS feature has become more popular than when we originally released it and its current functionality is limiting beyond basic applications. Many customers have requested a template function for Primary DNS – and while this is different – it’s the first step in that direction.

Secondly, we are about to embark on a major redesign to the main website (something we don’t have the in-house talent for). Roller Network is in the unique position of offering the only independent carrier-class colocaiton facility in Northern Nevada. Currently the only way to truly appreciate what we can offer is through an on-site tour. Although we’re boutique-sized compared to the mega facilities you’d find in major cities, we offer all of the critical features of those larger facilities plus features above and beyond what our local competitors offer. Being small does have other advantages, such as simpler systems less likely to malfunction, and our customers enjoy an extensive trouble-free history. Many of the people that have toured our facility comment on how unexpected it was to find something like it locally, so we need to update our online presence.

That’s all for now!