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Temporary Outbound Queue Increase for Hurricane Sandy

Due to widespread outages on the East cost due to hurricane Sandy many mail servers hosted there are down for a wide range of reasons, most without any ETA for restoration. We’ve temporarily increased the maximum queue lifetime for our outbound mail service (SMTP AUTH) queue to 10 days instead of our default of 3 days. This means we’ll keep trying for up to 10 days to deliver SMTP AUTH submitted and smarthosted mail to destinations that are currently unavailable but are expected to eventually recover.

Our incoming mail service (Secondary MX, SMTP Redirection, etc.) offers a queue lifetime of three weeks; we will not be adjusting this value. Customers utilizing our incoming mail services in conjunction with impacted east coast destinations are advised to take advantage of our Mail Mirror feature if they wish to configure emergency mail boxes. Log in to the account control center and see the Mail Mirror section for more information.