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Support for DNSBL

We are now supporting the DNSBL with a local rsync feed.

To use this DNSBL refer to the scoring rule “RCVD_IN_UNSUBSCORE” in SpamAssassin (recommended) or add “” to your DNSBL configuration in the account control center.

UPDATE: We saw a handful of false positives within the first 48 hours of our own testing, so we’re just going to recommend using this one for scoring. We have added a new SpamAssassin test called “RCVD_IN_UNSUBSCORE” for it. The default score is 0.5 points.

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Utilizing the world’s largest unsubscribe intelligence database, LashBack’s Unsubscribe Blacklist (UBL) empowers your organization to identify and block the very worst unsubscribe abusers; those that send email to addresses which have been harvested from suppression lists.